Mission Statement:

In the spirit of fostering collaboration and camaraderie amongst the six Northern California GCA clubs, we propose the formation of the Bay Visions Committee, whose purpose is to help restore and protect the San Francisco bays.  Consistent with the purpose of GCA, Bay Visions will educate our members as to the critical importance of the bays in the San Francisco area and support ongoing conservation and improvement efforts.

Proposed Structure:

The group will consist of 15 members (2 from each club) including a Chair, a Vice Chair and a Secretary. Other members included will be: the current P4P Vice Chair, Zone XII Conservation /NAL Rep and Zone XII Horticulture Rep. The 2018 Annual Meeting co-chairs will be representatives on the Committee.

The committee will meet as needed and at least 4 times per year to facilitate the process of restoration of the bay. The six clubs, Woodside Atherton Garden Club, Hillsborough Garden Club, Marin Garden Club, Piedmont Garden Club, Orinda Garden Club and Carmel by the Sea Garden Club will come together to learn, share and eventually celebrate our successful restoration efforts. 

Intention of Bay Visions

All six clubs will set aside the same day to be educated about SF area bay restoration. The format, content, frequency, timing and location of this gathering will be determined and planned by the committee in conjunction with the six clubs' Program Chairmen. Each club’s projects to restore the bay will be supported and encouraged by the committee with the view to sharing ideas and strengthening our commitment and effectiveness.

The work of the Committee will reflect the theme of the annual 2018 meeting, “How the West Is One”.  By joining all six clubs in a united effort to restore these vital bodies of water, we will demonstrate the power of one.